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Currently Martin Heslinga is employed by Microsoft and not available for consultancy assignments

Focus on Finance

Introduction Martin Heslinga

Martin Heslinga would like to introduce himself: “After finishing my study Economics, main subject Management Information Science, I started as a developer. Developing and doing functional analyses is a lot of fun, but what I like most is cooperating closely with customers. That is the reason that I became consultant. In that role I have had the privilege to help many different companies implementing ERP systems. I am specialized in translating the customer’s requirements into technology solutions and have a lot of experience working with multinational enterprises with offices in multiple countries.”

Specialized in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Heslinga is very excited about the Microsoft ERP system Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (previously known as: Dynamics AX). Heslinga: “Almost everything is flexible and quick and easy to configure. It is a user friendly system and it is very easy for me to teach it to new users. In the newest version D365 for Finance and Operations Microsoft has added features which have improved the user friendliness even more, like Electronic reporting, an improved Office integration and easy integration with mobile apps. It is all in the cloud and everything comes together there!”

Good configuration is essential

”The Microsoft Dynamics solution is an advanced system that must be implemented in the right way. For the implementation of an ERP system it is important that the different departments use the system in a coordinated way. As an organisation it is important that you clearly distinguish your business specific processes and scenario’s and come with clear requirements. Eventually, these requirements should be translated into and must result in a customer specific configured system. The implementation project is not only a technical, but mainly an organizational challenge which brings IT and the Business together. Both parties should make decisions on the configuration together. Good configuration of the system is essential. But be aware: the devil is in the detail! Just because the system is so flexible, with the wrong configuration you could easily cause problems as well!”

Financial control is a prerequisite

Heslinga started a long time ago as logistical consultant. But meanwhile he is far more specialized in the financial area. Especially the last 10 years he is active in implementing the financial and project modules of Dynamics AX/ Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. He worked together with financial departments of various multinational organisations. Heslinga: “In the Finance role I learned that with the standard solution you do not need much customisations. Prerequisite is the right configuration in AX. I support solution architects in setting up a solution that also covers the financial requirements. In some implementation projects the Finance part does not get the attention it needs. I think that is a pity, because the Finance modules are very well equipped. Actually, I think that financial control is a prerequisite for any ERP implementation: many modules come together in finance and that is where the total solution should be controlled.”